What question would you ask at the Presidential Debate?


Nathan Stanislawski, Delilah Jaen, and Zander Rusert

“What do you think about the possibility of a second wave of covid going through the US this winter?” – Nathan Stanislawski


Cotter Ramblers of the Month for October | Neighbors | winonadailynews.com

“What is your main goal, and how would you achieve it?” Tate Gilbertson


Jordan Rollinger (Jordan Rollinger)

“What makes you a good president?” Jordan Rollinger


Ellie Macal (Cale Beckman)

“When will this vaccine come out? How do you plan to use it?” Ellie Macal

Andrew Ubl (Charlie Reilly)

“How would you help people during the flu season while the pandemic is going on?” Andrew Ubl