What inspires you?

 “My dad is my inspiration. He goes out every day and succeeds, he has been a role model for me my whole life.” -Olivia Blumers

“My mom is my inspriration because she is hard working and funny, I want to grow up to be like her,” -Jack Spiten

 “My inspiration is Mr. Costello because he is iconic and makes class fun, especially with all the homework he gives me.”-Shauntel Bebout

“My mom inspires me because she works hard for the family.” -Emily Soddy

“A good book is my inspiration because of the number of the imaginative possibilities a book can offer,” -Mr. Schmitt

“My inspiration is Mrs. Welle because she has helped me through a lot of my panic attacks.” -Taiya Gilbertson

“My grandpa because he always stays positive, even though he is very sick.” -Garrett Nelson

“My coach because he has helped me learn new skills and pushes me to be my best” – Patience King-Henke

“Mr. McGlaun is my inspiration because he is funny and makes class fun”- Arianna Mason

“My inspiration is Mr. Meurer because I am going into music when I go to college.” – Abby Briggs