What is a memorable gift you have given or received?

jade drazkowski

“It would probably be the gift of being able to go to Cotter. It was a very last minute decision and it gave me the opportunity to meet all of the wonderful people here. I couldn’t imagine my life if I hadn’t switched schools.” — Jade drazkowski

“Probably some skis, I use them everyday pretty much.” — Corbin Andow

“Uh, computer.” — Nicholas Czeplewski

“I didn’t see anyone for, like, two weeks, amazing.” — Ian Olcott

“My best gift was Oreos.” — Thomas Peter

“Time with friends!” — Spencer Briggs



“A memorable gift I have gotten was my guinea pig a few years ago.” — Maddie Zenke

“I had ( a soccer player) paint Nacho Libre with my brother’s head on it.” — Megan Costello