You don’t need a reason to dance, you just need a class


Studying difficult formulas for AP Calc, solving 20 math equations per day, writing essays for PoliSci, English, or Economics. Stating your opinion all the time, watching educational videos, and listening to various podcasts for your research paper or capstone. Sounds like fun, right? 

But what if there was a class that would give you more? Something that you would be excited about doing? A class where you could be creative? That sounds better, and for this reason, there should be a dance class.

Dance is a special art that allows you to express yourself while also getting physical exercise. It has been a great way to become familiar with other cultures  and it is a universal activity all over the world. It is obviously different today than it was hundreds of years ago. Creative costumes bring positive energy, and songs are different mixes of many dance styles.

One benefit is that it helps to manage your weight, reduce stress, and also improve your brain. This is especially important as our brains need to function for such a long time at the school desk every single day. The idea of physical education class sounds boring and like too much work, and let’s be honest, no one wants to do that. But what if students could have a fun way to exercise?

I spent seven years in modern dance, and then my schedule changed to ballet for another five years. Although it was this advanced program and I had teachers yelling “No! You’re doing it wrong! ” most of the time, both styles taught me different approaches and techniques. I noticed that the important thing was to simply enjoy what you do and focus on your specialization.

Every dancer is unique, and we need to support them in their part. I was the only one walking on my hands, others could do five fouettes in a row, and there was even a girl whose splits were over 180 degrees. We need to pursue what is our passion, that way we will fully improve. We can not do this on our own, we need a professional to help us. 

For this course, the teacher should have some previous experience in the dance field, or it could be a professional dance coach as well. We would not want someone inexperienced, just saying “Hey, let’s chill and move kinda.” We would have a specific schedule set up. It would be given before starting the semester class, so the students would know exactly what to expect, and no surprised or scary faces would be in the class. 

Every day would have a specific dance style assigned, as the students would get familiar with the five elements of dance – body, action, space, time, energy. On Monday, ballet technique would be the first thing the students will focus on. They would learn the five basic positions as well, which could be combined with advanced ballet skills as well. Expectations for this class would be to wear hair up and have a leotard, leggings, or a skirt. Basic lyrical dance would be on Tuesday, and there would be no dress code required. Wednesday would be full of jazz, and on Thursday it would be hip hop. This class would be probably the most popular, as students would be able to wear sweatpants and other loose clothing. Finally, Friday would be concentrated on their acrobatic skills, where gymnastics coaches would be as supervisors. Their responsibility would be to sport everyone and make sure that all the actions in the class are safe. We do not need someone suing the school for a broken neck… 

Of course, some new equipment would be necessary, such as ballet barres, mats, and a classroom available for every day of the week. All students could participate and at the end of the semester, their final exam would be to dance individually. Yes, I know, dancing alone in front of the teachers, terrifying. Nonetheless, the students would be able to choose their style of dance and even their own music. A group dance would be required as well. They would be practicing this over the last month of school and everyone could create their costume and make-up as well. Yay!

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