The best of Cotter shines through at Talent Show

Students receiving awards at the end of the talent show, led by emcee Tomas Castillo

Mike Costello

Students receiving awards at the end of the talent show, led by emcee Tomas Castillo

Cotter’s student council hosted a talent show on Thursday, March 24, at an afternoon assembly.

“The acts and the way the crowd supported them were both great,  the talent show displayed Cotter at its best,” Cotter president Mrs. Fitch said.

There were five acts that performed, starting with the Cotter Show Choir, under the direction of Mrs. Jirele.  Senior student council member Tomas Castillo was the emcee for the event.


Jackson, James, and Pablo step forward to lead part of the show choir performance (Amaiya Kauphusman)


The Show Choir kicks off the talent show (Amaiya Kauphusman)

The second act was an interpretive dance by Karianna Barrientos performed to a version of Silent Night

The third act was Grace Finnerty singing a karoake version of Corrine Bailey Rae’s song “Put Your Records On”

Grace Finnerty performs a version of “Put Your Records On” by Corrine Bailey Rae (Amaiya Kauphusman)
The crowd joins in for the second verse of Grace’s performance (Amiaya Kauphusman)

The fourth act was the Cotter Cheer squad.

The Cotter cheer squad preps for their performance at the talent show (Amaiya Kauphusman)

See the group’s full performance at this link:

Cotter cheer squad performs at talent show

The final act was “Gone Bananas,” a rock trio featuring Grant Kempen, Finn Blagborne, and Alex Matuska.

Grant, Finn, and Alex going bananas at the talent show (Amaiya Kauphusman)


Eliot Fitzgeralds does an impromptu backflip in between acts of the talent show (Mike Costello)

Mrs. Nordgren is the student council advisor and was instrumental to helping with the talent show, along with the student council members.

“The students who performed did an amazing job and the energy throughout the entire room was so much fun!,” Mrs. Nordgren said.