Wrecking the Rec


A literal cornerstone of Cotter’s history was torn down this week.

The Catholic Recreation Center, later known as the John Nett Rec.,  was demolished to make way for new construction as part of Winona State University’s Education Village project.

The Rec.  was the social hub of the school and community for close to a century, hosting dances, basketball games, wrestling matches, and many other activities over the years.

The Chronicle will  have further coverage on this story.  If you have a story about the Rec please send information to [email protected].

The video was taken Wednesday, April 25, and the photos are from April 24 and 25.  Photos and video by Will Gibson.

The renovated Cathedral school building and demolition of the Rec., April 24, 2018
The Catholic Rec. first stages of demolition on Tuesday, April 24.