MacKenzie Brosnahan: making a difference through health care consulting

Cotter class of 2012 grad MacKenzie Brosnahan was visiting her family in Winona and  accepted an invitation from religion teacher Mary Hansel-Parlin to speak to her religion class. Brosnahan spoke  about her work as a consultant in the health care field, her education at Cotter and Emory, and her advice for students.  She lives in Seattle and is currently working on a project which helps people gain better access to health care and services in the Latino community around the country.

“Every year I invite students to come back to speak at Cotter.  Most of the time our best speakers are alumni, students who sit in the classroom chairs imagining themselves speaking are the most successful students and best speakers,” Hansel-Parlin said

” We weren’t expecting a speaker at all since it’s not usual.. She did a great job speaking, she has an interesting story, and it was a great way to switch up class, hopefully we have more speakers in the future,” junior Ellie Engel said.

Brosnahan also had a chance to catch up with several other Cotter teachers and staff on her visit.