Cotter’s Bike Lab is up and spinning

Cotter Teen Press members Steven Pilarski, Wyatt Glithero and Jude McGroarty spoke with Mr Eric Paulsen and club members James Greshik and Grace Finnerty about the first year club.

The Cotter Bike Lab is a new program that was introduced this year to help students from 7th through 10th grade learn about bicycle mechanics through a hands on approach.

Rob Besek in the lab











The group meets during flex periods, but students have the option to come in more frequently if they wish.

Ian, Sal, and Peter working on alignment at bike lab









The club’s first task was tuning up Cotter’s Trek bikes that are used in P.E. class and other events.  The group has since moved on to working on other bikes.

Students work together to solve a problem in the bike lab




All of the equipment in the Bike Lab is from a partnership with Adventure Cycle and Ski to provide the necessary tools, funding also came out of the Cotter Auction, and a grant written by one of Cotter’s principals,  Mrs. Fitch.

Some of the bikes being worked on by bike lab students.