Henry Tang: prince of the bursting liver


“If you are weak enough, you can be broken by almost everything.”

Those are the words of a Cotter junior, Henry Tang, who was still awake at 2 a.m when he was interviewed. It is no surprise to find him awake this late, for all of his friends know him to be a “night cat” catching “rats” under the moonlight.

In fact, he was granted the nickname of “the bursting-liver prince”.

“The reason for him to receive this nickname,” according to one of his friends, Adam, “is that sleeping late is bad for your liver, and Henry constantly sleeps late as if to burst his own liver. And if you see him at night, he always have that look of a prince on his face, as if to be the most free man on earth.”

“I fall asleep once I return to my room after school, and wake up at 7 or 8 at night, beginning to do my homework and play games until 2 to 3 a.m. But I would never be late for school the next day, for a bunch of people would come to my room in the morning ever since 7 a.m, borrowing my things and waking me up.”

Henry’s countenance reflected both happiness and annoyance as he said this, making people wonder if he is annoyed by people disturbing him in the morning or is grateful to these friends keeping him from getting up late.

“He can seriously cause himself some troubles if he continues to do this.” One of his other friends, Bowen, was concerned by Henry constantly bursting his own liver.

“It is not really a choice for me now. It is more of a habit.” Henry explains. “When I come back from school, I would feel a sudden weariness that drive me to go to bed. And after me waking up later to finish my homework, I could not easily fall asleep anymore due to the five hours of sleep I previously had during the afternoon and evening. It is vicious circle for me, but I do not know how to stop it from ticking.”

Yesterday, the reporter knocked at Henry’s door again at 10 p.m. and found him non-responsive.

“I went to bed really early yesterday,” Henry explained in the morning of the next day, “it can be a good sign I guess.”