New faces in Ramblerverse

There are a lot of new faces at Cotter for the 2021-22 school year.  Here are introductions to some Ramblers who have arrived on campus in the past year.


Name: Sarah Glodowski

Grade: 9th

Hometown: Minnesota City, Minnesota

Family: Has three older siblings, 2 brother (Caleb, Ethan), and 1 sister (Ellie)

Interests:Praising God, watching and playing soccer, and basketball, and also watching football (Packers) Hanging out with family and friends

Why Cotter:Feels her faith will grow stronger, and her siblings all had great experiences at Cotter

Likes About Cotter: Making friendships and playing soccer

Adjustment to Cotter: Getting used to going to a new school

Fun Fact: Huge Packers fan

Quote: You are stronger than you know! You are worthy of all things!


Mina posing for a photo on a rock

Name: Mina Zivanovic

Grade 11

Hometown: Osečina, Serbia 

Family: 5 people total. 2 brothers and she is the only girl

Hobbies and Interests: volleyball,hanging out with friends

Why Cotter: At a  fair, it seemed like the best school for her. She contacted a few people from Cotter, which increased her interest in this school.

Likes about Cotter: hanging at the dorm, the nice welcoming community

Adjustment: getting along with all the kids and having to live so far from your family

Fun Fact: favorite food in US is Mac and Cheese

Quote: ¨I am grateful for my family because they believed in me and made my dream come true¨.


Name: Pablo Costa
Hometown: Spain
Family: Mom, Dad, Sister
Hobbies/Interest: hanging with friends, Soccer, and theater.
Why Cotter?: It was a very nice school, a way to learn new classes, including English, dorm life seemed cool.
One thing he likes about cotter: Being able to be involved in Theater.
One thing they have to adjust to: Learning English, Dorm life, and being away from family life.
Fun Fact: he is a very good singer and loves music.
Quote: “Never give up on your dreams.”
Madeline Modjeski (Jennifer Modjeski)

Name: Madeline Modjeski

Grade: 9

Hometown: Winona

Family: She lives with her parents and two siblings. Though she is a Modjeski, she does not (yet) know any of the other Modjeskis at Cotter (except her older sister) but says she is probably distantly related to them.

Hobbies and Interests: Madeline is interested in photography, investing, design, and traveling. Her exhaustive list of places she wants to visit includes Paris, Singapore, Dubai, and Croatia.

Why Cotter?: Previously homeschooled, she switched to Cotter for the social aspect of a huge building chock-full of teens and the unusual idea of a teacher that is not her mother or Google.

Likes about Cotter: She likes all her teachers, and says that her peers are “really nice.” Right now, her favorite class is World History. Also, she is happy that there is a vegan option for the school lunches.

Adjustment to Cotter: The only thing she dislikes about Cotter is the schedule; many of the extracurricular activities are at the same time as her swim team practices at the Winona public high school.

Fun Fact: She is a Marvel fan, and her favorite character is Loki.

Quote: Her favorite quote is; “How would the person I’d like to be do the things I’m about to do.” -Sean Croxton



Name: Lea Hyzova

Grade: 12

Hometown: Skalica, Slovakia

Family: Lea has a sister who is 15 and a half-brother.

Hobbies and Interests: Dance, gymnastics, books.

Why Cotter?:  Because she wants to study at a university in the U.S and she was told that Cotter was a good school.

Likes about Cotter: One thing Lea likes is all the foreign exchange students this year.

Adjustment to Cotter: Different educational system and also the start of school at 8:45.

Fun Fact: She can speak multiple foreign languages.

Quote: “The dorm is like one little family,” she said about the foreign exchange students.




Name: Sandra Villanueva

Grade: 9

Hometown: La Crosse, Wisc.

Family: She is the youngest of four siblings, her three brothers are Angel, Junior, and Kevin

Hobbies and Interests: drawing, singing, writing short stories

Why Cotter?: Diversity in courses, calmer, more peaceful and educational environment

Likes about Cotter:  art classes

Adjustment to Cotter: making new friends in each class

Fun fact: Sandra has a lazy English Bulldog named Marble who likes to meet new people and can only make snorting noises

Quote: “Stay swag”


Mateo at home in Barcelona last year (Mateo Vila Nobell)


Name: Mateo Vila Nobell
Grade: 10
Hometown; Barcelona, Spain
Family: Mom and dad (Bea and Alex), sister (Andrea)
Hobbies/interests: Sports, boating
Why Cotter?: New experience, to learn English
One thing they like at Cotter: How big it is
One thing they have had to adjust to: Different language
Fun Fact: Has a dog named Flash
Name: Ashur Rouleau
Grade: 12
Hometown; Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Hobbies/interests: hockey, baseball, hunting, and fishing
Why Cotter?: People here are nice, welcoming, and caring
One thing they like at Cotter: People here are nice, welcoming, and caring
One thing they have had to adjust to: get used to was the dress code and having prayer, he had came from a public school
Fun Fact: he has lived in 7 different homes in his life
Quote: “Everything happens for a reason.”
Luiza Cruz

Name: Luiza Cruz

Grade: 11

Hometown: Brazil, Sao Paulo

Family: She has one younger sister Clara, who is 10 years old.

Hobbies and interests: reading, playing handball, taking photos, dancing

Why Cotter: Luiza decided to come to Cotter because she heard that it is a great school and she would like to study Marine Biology at the university in the US

Likes about Cotter: residence hall where she lives

Adjustments to Cotter: weather and food

Fun fact: she loves japanese food

Quote: ” It is my dream to visit Spain one day, I’ve never been to Europe,” Luiza said.